Founded in 1979, Lee & Associates® has achieved consistent growth and profitability, handling more than 300,000 real estate transactions nationwide.


Not all real estate brokers are the same

So.Cal Office Commercial Real Estate Group will help you buy, lease, sell and invest in commercial real estate anywhere in Southern California. Our specialized approach to your unique real estate needs has been proven to save our clients both time and money for the past 29 years.

Your real estate broker should be an expert you can trust

So.Cal Office Commercial Real Estate Group has been selling, buying, and leasing commercial properties since 1991. We approach your real estate challenges with the same passion and due diligence as we approach our own investments. We are owners. We are tenants. And we have a proven process to maximize the value of your commercial real estate assets.

Notable Clients

The relationship we have with our Clients is our #1 priority. We are partners and advisors, and we are grateful for these notable clients and hundreds of others who trust us with their commercial real estate needs.